79 Network Marketing Tips
For Fast-Track Success

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79-tips-allt79 Network Marketing Tips for Fast-Track Success by Wes Linden - one of the UKs leading network marketing professionals and highest earners, with over fifteen years MLM experience, and a speaker at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event.

Discover the need-to-know insider advice to catapult you to the top

Packed full of hints, tips and techniques which will propel your business – written by someone from the new breed of network marketing leaders, who has worked his way to the top of his company, as a university drop-out who has never had a 'proper' job!



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privacy Wes has spent over 15 years building up a great reputation in the network marketing profession - he has no intention of ruining that by sharing anything other than non-company specific, entirely generic hints and tips. No matter which company you are involved with, by working together we all succeed.


Some reviews from industry leaders in Network Marketing.

"Enjoy putting these 79 tips into practice in your business – starting now." Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter
Leading Network Marketing Guru
"Everyone in our profession will know about this book." Jordan Adler
Author of ‘Beach Money’
This is a simple, but highly effective guide to a successful career in network marketing. Alan Pease
Author of ‘Questions are the Answers’
"In the spirit of simplicity, Wes shares 79 bite-sized, yet critical results-creating nuggets to help you build a bigger network marketing business." Art Jonak
Founder of The Network Marketing Mastermind Event
"This book is a reflection of real work, real struggle and real results" Richard Bliss Brooke
Author of ‘The Four Year Career’ and ‘Mach II, The Art of Vision and Self Motivation’
“I love 79 Network Marketing Tips! What Wes has put together would take most people years – more accurately decades to learn. I’ve been in this profession for more than 25 years and Wes’s 79 Tips have already taught me things I didn’t know – and need to know! This is something I want everyone in my business to have a much-used copy of. It’s a truly valuable and useful resource. I think it’s a great book!” John Milton Fogg
Author of ‘The Greatest Networker in the World’
“Wes delivers powerful, practical ideas that will instantly boost your bottom line, as well as increase your belief for what is possible in the network marketing profession.” Sarah Robbins
Author of ‘Rock Your Network Marketing Business’
"Wes has mastered a way of thinking in order to be successful in this business and put it all onto paper in a simple and straight- forward way. Our advice? Read the entire book immediately. Then, read one tip every single day; journal your thoughts on the idea and proactively start doing it!”  Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton
Authors of ‘Go for No!’ and ‘Million Dollar Year’

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