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1.9kg to Spare

1.9kg to Spare

airplaneSo, the morning is finally upon me….up at 6.30am at my hotel in Heathrow. Sailed through check-in with 1.9kg to spare! I could have brought those extra pair of shoes after all…

Slight hold-up at security as my throat lozenges seemingly had an explosive trace on them. Nice guys and the end result was me going straight into Boots to buy some new ones! Oh, and no sit-down breakfast!

Am feeling privileged and honoured to be invited to Orlando this week to speak at the Mastermind Event ( alongside so many legends of network-marketing. Spent 45 minutes on the phone to Art Jonak on Saturday night, talking through the event. He shared with me some wisdom that the late, great Jim Rohn said to him just before he took took to a major stage many years back.

I’m looking forward to sharing some knowledge, skills and ideas with the audience on my take on MLM and the ‘relationship marketing’ profession, plus making some new friends. Moreover I’m looking forward to being there taking in the amazing pearls I just know will come from the fantastic line-up of speakers. If people can take just 0.01% from me of what I know I will learn from these masters of their trade, I will be a happy chappy!

Prior to the big event though, I am thrilled to be joining an absolute industry rock star, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter on the road for two evening events in Miami and Tampa on Tuesday and Wednesday. To get an hour on the same bill as this great teacher of the profession is a real

Just boarding the plane and took a very kind call from my good friend and colleague Wayne, wishing me well and flying the flag for the UK. No pressure then…!!!

Better switch the phone off to take off. More updates to follow later on!

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About Wes Linden

Wes Linden
Wes Linden has never had a conventional job, having failed to complete his degree and drop-out long before completing it. Yet he came across a network-marketing business and has worked with that same company for over 15 years. Having built one of the largest and most successful organisations with an expected team turnover of £60m (over $100m). He's an Amazon best-selling author and international speaker at network marketing events around the world.

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