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Keeping your cards close to your chest or helping everyone?

Keeping your cards close to your chest or helping everyone?

One of my favourite things about network marketing is that people are so willing to help and serve other people. It is so different to the outside corporate world, where people climb on each other’s backs l, both to hold people from proceeding, and to clamber over them to get ahead.

It’s also different when you’re out and about in the big cities. I went into London yesterday, which is a 40 minute train ride for me involving two different train lines. Even on a Sunday, straight after Christmas, with no commuters and workers, I noticed the uncomfortable air of people not wanting to connect with their fellow humans! It’s like people fear giving anything of themselves away in case they’re left vulnerable.

It’s quite sad really – as people just like to be liked, acknowledged and appreciated – they love to feel good about themselves – kindness, being friendly and helping others will promote a feel-good for the giver, but also the receiver and all those who then come into contact with their energies thereafter. But people hold this back and protect themselves, which in turn makes them miserable.

In network marketing there’s a much more open, giving attitude. Help others succeed, and you’ll succeed. Be open, generous and kind, and you’ll get the same back. Throw enough good coins into the bucket and you’ll get your rewards down the line in ways you never imagined.

Be grateful for what this profession can offer you, but ensure you receive it by offering yourself freely and generously to others.

This closing quote is from the legend, Jim Rohn:

“Find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness for those that are interested.
Some people aren’t interested, but for those that are, service to many leads to greatness.”
Someone says, “Well, the best I can do is just take care of myself,” which is ok, but it doesn’t lead to greatness.
Someone says, “I’ve got enough bills of my own. I can’t worry about someone else’s bills.” That’s okay, but it doesn’t lead to greatness.
Greatness is helping people pay their bills. You forget about yours. Because if you help enough people pay theirs, yours disappear. Help people with problems. Your problems disappear.
The key to greatness, the Master Teacher taught, is Find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness.”


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Wes Linden
Wes Linden has never had a conventional job, having failed to complete his degree and drop-out long before completing it. Yet he came across a network-marketing business and has worked with that same company for over 15 years. Having built one of the largest and most successful organisations with an expected team turnover of £60m (over $100m). He's an Amazon best-selling author and international speaker at network marketing events around the world.

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