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Never forget the network marketing basics

We are in the recommendation business so never forget the network marketing basics. With new technologies becoming the norm and personal face-to-face conversation becoming less trendy, it’s important not to forget the basics.

The old ideas are the best ones. I recently spotted a network marketing distributor called Noel, post a comment on Facebook, sharing that he has a display folder with written testimonials from happy customers which he keeps with him to help overcome the occasional cynical prospect.

I read it and kicked myself – because I had done that for many years, but with smart phones and tablets, my trusty old testimonials folder has become a little dusty.

How often is it that something works, so we push it a lot, and then probably stop because it was a good idea, so we go in search of a better one!

Why not ask your customers for a simple note, letter or email to pass comment on how happy they are with your product or service; the benefits they have found from using it; the interaction and personal service they have had from you; as well as their experience of dealing with your company. It’s even good to ask them to include any initial scepticism they may have had and how this has been overcome.

Build up a few of these and you will find it much simpler when you are presenting to a slightly awkward prospect to show them some genuine examples of people who are happy, and to therefore encourage to give your proposition a try.

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About Wes Linden

Wes Linden
Wes Linden has never had a conventional job, having failed to complete his degree and drop-out long before completing it. Yet he came across a network-marketing business and has worked with that same company for over 15 years. Having built one of the largest and most successful organisations with an expected team turnover of £60m (over $100m). He's an Amazon best-selling author and international speaker at network marketing events around the world.

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