Wes Linden Chats with Randy Gage (FREE UK SHIPPING)

  • Wes Linden Chats with Randy Gage (FREE UK SHIPPING)
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Imagine combining the wealth of experience from two top industry leaders and best-selling authors offering you real-world truths for network marketing & direct sales success. Well you have that here with this audiobook, as Wes Linden Chats With Randy Gage, the New York Times best-selling author of Mad Genius, Risky is the New Safe, Making the First Circle Work and How to Build a Multi Level Marketing Money Machine. 

Gage is one of the highest earners in the world of network marketing and Wes Linden, author of 79 Network Marketing Tips, and also The Prospecting Game, asks the questions which brings us great, real-world, actionable advice on:

*Getting started

*Building your customer base

*Recruiting with posture

*Leadership principles

*Growing your team culture

*Killing distractions

*Overcoming rejection and negative thoughts

*Selling the dream

*Motivating your team

*Finding the leaders

*Crafting your story

*Fear of rejection

*Scheduling your time

*Coping with failure

*Massive duplication

This is a must for distributors of all levels and should be in every car and personal development library.  

Your CD signed by Wes Linden (but due to logistics, it won't be signed by Randy Gage)


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