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Wes Linden

Author of two Amazon bestselling books (in six categories) – ’79 Network Marketing Tips’ and ‘The Prospecting Game’.

Wes Linden has never had a conventional job, having failed to complete his degree and drop-out long before completing Wes Linden MLM Mastermind Eventhis teacher-training course. Yet he came across a network-marketing business and has worked with that same company for over 18 years. Wes has become a highly-coveted speaker and consultant for network-marketing businesses outside of the UK in various parts of Europe and both 2013 and 2014 has seen him become the first ever Brit to speak at the 3-day Mastermind event in Orlando, alongside such big names as Randy Gage, Jordan Adler, Orrin Woodward, Art Jonak, Sarah Robbins and Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter. In 2015, Wes was honoured to be the host & MC for the entire Mastermind Event weekend. Wes also had a mini-tour of America speaking alongside Big Al and appeared as a speaker in the Caribbean on the MLM Cruise.

What Wes is most proud of is the fact he’s still an actively-business Leader within his network marketing business, having reached the top position in his compensation plan.

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Never forget the network marketing basics

We are in the recommendation business so never forget the network marketing basics. With new technologies becoming the norm and personal face-to-face conversation becoming less trendy, it’s important not to forget the basics. The old ideas are the best ones. I recently spotted a network marketing distributor called Noel, post a comment on Facebook, sharing that he has a display folder with written testimonials from happy customers which he keeps ...

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The Pigeon Test to help you recruit more in network marketing

Recruit More In Network Marketing

At the recent Network Marketing Mastermind Event in Orlando, I was privileged to have a couple of slots where I could share training tips and experiences based on my network marketing journey so far. During my presentation I aimed to wake people up to the idea that not all of their prospects will say yes straight away, and that it is okay to not bombard and blast their potential distributors, ...

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How the timing must be right in network marketing

A few years ago, I spoke to a guy called Adam, who I know through soccer, about being a distributor with my network marketing company. It wasn’t for him, he didn’t quite see it. It’s not an issue, it doesn’t have to affect our relationship. We catch up from time to time. Then, last week, my friend Chris, a distributor who I have the pleasure to work with, told him ...

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Network marketing is worth it!

I had a moment today folks. It’s a moment I want for all of you. I was lying under a palm tree, on Smathers beach in Florida Keys. The beach was practically empty. It’s a lovely beach and the sun was out, so there’s only one reason why it’s empty in the middle of the day. I took the pictures because to me they didn’t just represent a lovely view. ...

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The skills required to live a network marketing lifestyle

I sat in a coffee shop this morning for an hour or so doing some stuff on the laptop in preparation for my slot at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event in Orlando in November. Thousands of people from hundreds of countries and companies come together for a 3 days of learning and development from some of the top network marketers in the world, in a safe, prospecting-free zone. People were ...

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Sometimes it’s the ‘little’ stories that win in network marketing

This morning I was getting ready to go onto stage at the network marketing event I am speaking at in Sofia, Bulgaria, where they were launching the translated version of my book ’79 Network Marketing Tips’ for the Eastern European market, and I was fortunate enough to read a Facebook status of a very close friend of mine, about his mum being promoted within our network marketing business. Not only ...

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Do business with people who do business with you in network marketing

Ooooops….. So believe me, when you do get yourself up to the top of your plan, and you write a book, it doesn’t make you immune to awkward long-term conversations with friends! Let me tell you about that slightly awkward moment when you go to meet an old friend…. He isn’t in your business nor is he a customer…. In fact, he was a ‘no’ who also ‘knew it all’ ...

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Gardening is the same as network marketing!

Right that’s it. This doesn’t work. I planted 3 or 4 seeds in my garden yesterday and they haven’t grown yet. My neighbour has loads of lovely plants and flowers – he’s obviously lucky. Would you believe that some people apply the same principle to building their own business? Or….could it be my neighbour puts in lots of time, planting seeds, watering them, nourishing them, caring for them, and because ...

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In 2034 how many lives will your network marketing business have changed?

The following post will make some people squirm a little… It’s the year 2034… Who would bet against this being the reality for most people? Soup and food kitchens, volunteer-run, in most villages and towns – providing the much-needed extras for working families that simply can’t afford three meals a day. Community centres, religious buildings and disused shops, offices and business premises, run by charities, that provide daytime seating, warmth ...

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Building a real community in network marketing

“My team”, “my distributors”, “The Smith Team”, “my downline”, “my recruit”, “my agent” – this is language innocently used by many people on their leadership journey. At best, no harm is meant by it. However, I often have a quiet word with people and ask them to consider how it may actually sound to an entrepreneur who wants to break free of being employed and under someone elses’ charge. You’ll ...

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