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The Pigeon Test to help you recruit more in network marketing

At the recent Network Marketing Mastermind Event in Orlando, I was privileged to have a couple of slots where I could share training tips and experiences based on my network marketing journey so far.

During my presentation I aimed to wake people up to the idea that not all of their prospects will say yes straight away, and that it is okay to not bombard and blast their potential distributors, as this may be off-putting.

I showed them this simple video which I shot in London, UK, near Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, to demonstrate the point.

Enjoy! And feel free to share with your team and please do add a comment.

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About Wes Linden

Wes Linden
Wes Linden has never had a conventional job, having failed to complete his degree and drop-out long before completing it. Yet he came across a network-marketing business and has worked with that same company for over 15 years. Having built one of the largest and most successful organisations with an expected team turnover of £60m (over $100m). He's an Amazon best-selling author and international speaker at network marketing events around the world.


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