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Gardening is the same as network marketing!

Right that’s it. This doesn’t work. I planted 3 or 4 seeds in my garden yesterday and they haven’t grown yet. My neighbour has loads of lovely plants and flowers – he’s obviously lucky. Would you believe that some people apply the same principle to building their own business? Or….could it be my neighbour puts in lots of time, planting seeds, watering them, nourishing them, caring for them, and because ...

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How to spot a network marketing superstar!

If you’re active in your network marketing business and you are regularly speaking to people, you’ll recognise what I experienced recently. I did a follow-up call to someone who had watched the recruitment video. My jaw hit the ground and never regained its’ proper resting place with some of what he was saying: “I’m gonna have 500 to 1000 customers in 6 months…” “Ok. Which one? 500 or 1000?” I ...

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Network marketing v franchising

I was chatting to a good friend of mine recently, who owns a few franchises, of one of the biggest name businesses out there. Interestingly, he also has a network marketing business. A few things struck me: *It costs him around £150,000 for each store he opens, in start-up costs. *Most people who could become a customer actually walk straight past his store, so in theory he gets lots of ...

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