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What makes a great breakfast?

What makes a great breakfast?

Went into the Village Inn, Orlando for breakfast, on day one of my trip which takes in a couple of evening events with Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter before the weekend Mastermind Event, where I am privileged to be one of the speakers.

Arrived at 10.30am and was served by a great guy called Alex. Immediately thought he should absolutely be working a network-marketing business. Alex was super-friendly and pretty funny. In the UK, we notice good service as it can be quite rare. In the States, it seems to be the norm.

Anyway, what was great about the breakfast? My dining partner! Breakfast with Big Al!

I can’t really pinpoint every moment of why it was so good but neither of us are very much but we didn’t leave until 2.30! Four hours for breakfast! But learnt loads, heard many great stories and picked up loads of great advice.

Alex, our waiter, stopped by and asked about MLM, having overheard our conversation. He’s not involved but likes the concept and explained some of his misapprehensions about it. He was given a different viewpoint and seemed quite enthused by this. Maybe it’s just that his time is now right? Timing is what matters massively in this profession. I’m sure he’ll do well if he chooses to.

I can’t promise everyone four hours of breakfast with Big Al, but a lot of his stuff he has committed to books, CDs and his regular newsletter. To learn the skills that can make a huge difference to your business, check out his free newsletter at

I guess there’s two people in this world…those who will subscribe to Big Al’s newsletter and learn the skills they would need to introduce an Alex to their team, and those who would just talk nonsense and scare him off the profession forever. Which one will you be?

PS I had porridge with pecans, fruit and cranberries, plus hot tea and an English muffin…I’m not saying what Big Al had!


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About Wes Linden

Wes Linden
Wes Linden has never had a conventional job, having failed to complete his degree and drop-out long before completing it. Yet he came across a network-marketing business and has worked with that same company for over 15 years. Having built one of the largest and most successful organisations with an expected team turnover of £60m (over $100m). He's an Amazon best-selling author and international speaker at network marketing events around the world.

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